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This function shows the details for a specific supplier or customer account. This includes the account balance and payment terms as well as all the account transactions. You can also create new adjustment and payment transactions.

Figure: Example Accounts Screen


This is the name of the account. It cannot be changed directly. It is automatically updated when the supplier or customer name is changed.

Account Location

Location of account.


The current balance of the account. The balance is maintained by the system and cannot be changed directly. You can make payments and adjustments which will affect the balance.

Transactions To Date

This field is visible when looking at loyalty point accounts. It is the value of sales and adjustments since the last time the member's customer type was set. It can be used when determining whether a member should be upgraded/ downgraded. When a member is upgrade/downgraded, this value is reset to zero.


This field is visible when looking at loyalty point accounts. It is the date from which the Transactions To Date value was calculated.

Credit Limit

The credit limit for the account. If you are going to use this as a credit account, set this to the maximum amount that the customer can spend. If you want to use this as a debit account, leave the credit limit as a zero. The customer will make a payment first up which will set their balance to negative. The difference between the balance and the credit limit is what they have to spend.

Payment Terms

The number of days the customer has to pay their account. When you add a new account, the system will set this to the default code for the account type you are using.

G/L Account Code

The account details can be extracted into a third-party accounting package. This is the code used to identify the customer in the accounts package. By default this is the same as the customer's number. However, you may already have some accounts set up in an external debtors package. The code for those customers can be entered here. If you have multiple accounts you should ensure that these numbers are different otherwise the different accounts data will be exported to the same account in the third party system.


Indicates if the account has been disabled for use. A customer cannot use the account if it has been disabled.

Transaction Range

Date range of transactions.

Key Line Total

Read-only and only re-calculated once the Refresh button is selected. The system then calculates the number of points earned on board for the date period selected.

The following buttons are available to manipulate the account details.

Press this button to make an adjustment to the account. The Account Adjustment window will be displayed.

Press this button to make a payment on the account. The Account Adjustment window will be displayed.

Press this button to view any comments recorded on the transaction.

Press this button to view how the transaction was allocated to other transactions. For example, if this was clicked for a payment transaction, you would see all the sales the payment was allocated to.

Press this button to print the current list of transactions shown in the grid.

You can view the transactions for a specific date range. Enter the Transaction Range and press the Refresh button.


The grid will show the transactions for this account for the selected date range.


The unique number assigned by the system to the transaction.


The location the transaction was created for.


The date of the transaction.


Indicates the type of transaction.

Adj Code

If this was an adjustment transaction, the Adj Code is the reason for the adjustment.


The reference number for the transaction.


The amount of the transaction.


The amount of the transaction which has not been allocated. When a transactions has been fully allocated, this column should be zero.

Payment Ref#

A reference number for a payment transaction.

Due Date

The date this transaction is due for payment.

Tax Amt

The amount of tax in this transaction.

Tax Inv Date

The date of the tax invoice associated with this transaction.


The date this transaction was claimed. Used for invoice transactions on supplier accounts.

Created By

The user who created the transaction.


The date the transaction was created.

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