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Banking is used to help you control the financial accounts. Each record (banking sheet) represents a specific trading period and location and contains details of all the income, expenses and bankings of your business for that period. At some point (normally weekly but occasionally daily) the statement is balanced and finalised.

The tabs represent individual worksheets and are titled to cover financial areas of your business for example, Sales, Income, Expenses, Till Declarations, Banked, Summary, and so on. The tabs (worksheets) are linked to form a statement of business.

Not all data needs to be entered manually onto the worksheets. Some data is updated automatically from the Point of Sales information. Other figures are obtained due to the pre-set formulas contained on the tabs. These formulas link values to other cells and perform calculations automatically. For example, where a total is shown, you do not need to calculate the total; as you enter the values, the total is calculated for you. The total values may be carried over to a Summary sheet where the grand totals are summed automatically.

Figure: Example Banking Screen

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