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Barcode Formats - Basic

DataEntryItems.Exe Barcode

This function provides the ability to print barcode information on the receipt header or footer. The authorised user can define as many barcode formats as they wish as the formats are assigned an internal, unique number. This number is the value specified in the Till maintenance function for up to 3 different barcodes.

To set up the barcode printing to the receipt header or footer:

  1. Define the barcode values (1, 2 and 3) to use for a specific till profile via the Barcode Formats functionality.

  2. Add one or more of the <BARCODE1>, <BARCODE2>, <BARCODE3> specifiers to the Till Location Receipt header/footer formats.

Note: It is the store’s responsibility to ensure that the data chosen will be valid when converted to a barcode – so if the location is to be included in the format, the store must ensure that they use numeric location values.

Figure: Example Barcode Formats

Barcode Type

Currently EAN-13 and Code39 are the only types supported.

Max Length

Maximum length of barcode. For EAN-13 this is 13.


For information only. No affect on the details printed.

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