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Bulk Item Changes - Items

This function allows you to be able to change details on multiple items at one time. See Bulk Item Changes for more information.

Figure: Example Bulk Item Changes Screen

The Items tab allows you to specify the items you want to change. The grid lists the items that you have selected so far. You can press the + button to bring up the item search screen. When you enter your criteria and press Search, the system will find the matching items and add them to the main grid. You can use the Checked column to indicate specifically which items to process. Only those items which have the Checked column ticked will be processed.

You can use the Check All button to check all items on immediately, or the Check None button to uncheck all items.

The Clear List button will clear the list of items to allow you to add a fresh set of items.

Once you have your list of items, you can move to one of the other tabs to perform specific changes.

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