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Customer - Basic

This function is used to maintain customers. Click on the tab you require help with.

Figure: Example Customer Screen

Mandatory data entry fields on the Basic tab is configured via Settings, Security. This allows you to specify which controls must be entered for a security group. Last Name and Location are always mandatory.

Note: The security cache will need to be refreshed if changed.


The title of the customer, for example Mr, Mrs, and so on.

First Name

The first name of the customer.


The initials of the customer.


The customer's last name.

Preferred Name

The customer's preferred name, if any. For example, someone called Thomas might prefer Tom.


The customer's street address.

Postal Address

The customer's postal address. Press the Copy Address button to copy the details from the address to the postal address.


The phone number of the customer.


The fax number of the customer.

Work Phone

The work phone number of the customer.


The mobile phone number of the customer.

Email Address

The email address of the customer.

Driver's License

The customer's driver's licence number.

National ID

The customer's national ID number.

Recommended By

The name of the person who recommended this customer to us.


The customer's gender, if known.

Date of Birth

The date of birth of the customer.


If customer info comes from a third-party system, then this field can contain the code of the customer within that system.


A password for the customer. This can be used when a customer attempts to get details, for example over the web.

Accept Mail

This option indicates that the customer will accept mail from us. If a customer did not want to accept mail, or the customer is no longer important to us, we would check this option off. It is checked on by default.

Electronic Statements

This option indicates the customer has been flagged to receive electronic statements (paperless statements) for those reports that support the functionality (currently only MEMPTS).

Card Numbers

This grid contains all the card numbers assigned to a customer.

Member Cards

This section lists the cards that have been assigned to a customer. A customer will generally only require one card but if they lose a card, or it expires, a new card will need to be assigned. A list of all cards are kept so that if a stolen or invalid card is used, the system can identify it.

Card Number

The number assigned to the card. This can be alphanumeric, for example ABC1212122.

If the card format starts with a semi colon, enter the card number (as the semi colon symbol is ignored).

If the card format starts with any other character for example %, this character must prefix the card number hence %ABC1212122 should be entered.


The status of the card. This will usually be 'Available' but can also be 'Unused', 'Lost' or 'Stolen'.

Valid From

The date from which the card is valid. This is not required, in which case the card is valid immediately.

Valid To

The date to which the card is valid. This is not required, in which case the card will never expire.

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