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Customer Item Prices

The Customer Item Prices function can be used to provide specific pricing to each of your customers when doing back office orders.

Figure: Example Customer Item Prices Screen

When the screen is first displayed you need to press the Customer button to find an existing customer. Once the customer has been selected, the grid on the left will show the items for which there is special pricing for the customer. The grid on the right shows the pricing details for the highlighted item.

As you move through the items, the price details will be displayed for that item.

The Item grid will show:


The item number of the item.


The description of the item.


The unit of measure of the item.

The Price grid will show:


The date the price will take effect.


The date the price will expire.

Expected Unit Of Cost

The expected unit cost of the item.

Sell Price

The sell price to charge the customer.


The gross margin % for the sell price.


The gross margin for the sell price.

To add a new item, press the button above the Items grid. This will open up a window as follows:

The screen asks for the item number to be added. Once this is entered, the remaining pricing information can be entered. Press Save to add the item and price to the customers details. The details are saved automatically.

If you already have an item but you need a new sell price, highlight the item in the Item grid and then press the above the Price grid. The system will display the same window as above, with the item number already set. All you need to do is enter the price information.

When you set a new sell price, you do not need to remove the old price, or set its expiry date. The system will use the most recent price.

Once you have the special pricing entered, you can use the Back Office Customer Orders function to create orders that will use this pricing.

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