Item Modifiers

Figure: Example Item Modifiers Screen


This is a description to identify the item modifier, for example COOKING INSTRUCTIONS.

# of Modifiers

When this item modifier is required at the POS, the system lists all the options in the Modifier grid on buttons. The operator can press the button corresponding to the modifier required. The # Of Modifiers option is used to control how many options the operator can select. Valid options are:

Zero or more

The operator can choose as many modifiers as they want, or none at all. This would be used for 'EXTRAS' on an item, for example extra chips, extra salad, and so on.

One or more

Similar to the previous option, the operator MUST choose at least one modifier.

One only

The operator can only select one modifier. As soon as the modifier is selected, the system will display the next set of modifiers or allow the next item to be added to the sale. This would be used for 'COOKING INSTRUCTIONS'.


The order in which the modifiers will be displayed to the operator. This allows you to organise the modifiers in a more logical fashion than just alphabetical order.


If you want to charge extra for a modifier, you need to set up a new item and enter its item number here. If the modifier is simply a description, leave this empty.


This is the description which will be displayed to the operator for this modifier.

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