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PO Available Items

The setting of whether an item can be purchased is controlled through the Range tab in the standard Item Maintenance function but only for a single item at a time. This function (DataEntryItems.Exe POAvailableItem) allows the changing of the YSNPURCHASE flag that affects whether or not the item can be included in a purchase order. The Check All On and Check All Off buttons change the settings of all the items in the grid hence the purchase status can be amended for multiple items at one time.

The item search is similar to existing item searches with the additional criteria fields of Location and Rate of Sale Periods but the details displayed for matching items will include entries such as stock on hand (SOH).

Note: If the search has a lot of items it will take a while to calculate the rates of sale.

Figure: Example Item Search Screen

Figure: Example Available Items Screen


The item number.


The description of the item.


The size of the product for example 440G.

Order Code



The department the item belongs to.


The department category the item belongs to.


The category group the item belongs to.


The sub-group the item belongs to.

Rate of Sale

The calculated rate of sale.


The stock on hand.

Excess Stock Cover

The calculated cover based on rate of sale and stock on hand.


If this is checked on (default), the location is allowed to purchase the item.

If this is checked off, the item cannot be ordered. If you try to use this item on a Purchase Order, the system will tell you that it is not allowed to be ordered. The item will be ignored from any suggested ordering. You can use the item on a goods receipt and a return to the supplier.

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