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Discounts And Offers

A discount is a reduction in price for a specific reason, for example 15% off drinks or 10% pensioner discount.

An offer is the combination of certain items to provide a discount, for example buy any 3 for $9.95. An offer is basically just a discount set up in a particular way.

Each discount is set up separately using the Discounts function.

A discount has two basic requirements. Firstly, it must qualify. This means that there are a certain set of items that need to be in a sales transaction before the discount can be given. This might simply be all items in the transaction, or it might be a very specific set of items. Secondly, there must be a reward. A reward can be:

Value discounts ($) behave differently depending on the $ Discount behaviour setting in System Settings, if the reward value is greater than the qualification items value.

An item in a sales transaction can have an item discount, a sale discount, an offer discount and a tender discount applied to it. But it can only have one of each type. It cannot have two item discounts given to it. Once an item has an item discount, it can still have a sales, offer and tender discount but it cannot have another item discount.

Some discounts are given manually by the salesperson, for example an item discount. Other discounts are given when the Payment button is pressed, for example offer discounts. Tender discounts are given when payment is made with a specific tender.

For part paid orders, such as when a deposit has been paid, no further discounts will be applied when additional payments are made.

Discounts can be set up for weighed items. Within the Qualification Group, one of the Qty / Value / Wgt fields has to be > 0. Weighted items would automatically count as having a quantity of 1 and weight of whatever the item weighs, for example 3kgs. If you are not allowed to discount weighed items, you should check off the Weigh Items In Discounts option on the Profile - Settings 1 in Till.

Once details are entered you can press the POS button to send the discount information to POS immediately without the need to do a reload at the POS to pick up the modified discount information.

MPOS discounts are for MPOS devices only and cannot be used on BE native tills (and vice-versa). The MPOS configuration settings can be found in the Mobile POS tab in System Settings.

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