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Discounts - Details

The Details tab allows you to set up details about the discount such as effective date range, or specific customer types or sell prices to apply to, and so on.

Figure: Example Discounts Screen



The location that the discount applies to.

Date Range

The date the discount can be used from/to. Leave empty to start immediately/use indefinitely.

Time Range

The time of day that the discount can be used from.

Days of Week

The day of week that a discount/offer can be used. Check on each day that you want the discount to be available.

Customer Type

You can use this option to give discounts only to certain members. For example, you might want to give GOLD members a further 5% discount.

Sell Price Level

A discount can be restricted to specific sell price levels. For example, if you use sell price 2 for happy hour pricing in a pub, you may not want to give a discount to this price level. You can use this setting to control which price level the discount applies to. By default it will apply to any price level.

Include Exchange Items

Indicates if discounts can be used with exchanged items.

Include items on promotion

If checked on, items on promotion can be discounted. If checked off, items on promotion cannot be discounted.

Exclude priced modifiers in the discount

Indicates if priced modifiers are included or not in discounts. By default the option will be unchecked, allowing priced modifiers to be included in the discounts.

Sales Tax

When a discount is triggered that has ‘Apply Discount Sales Tax to all items in the discount’ checked on, POS will change the tax for each item to the tax specified in ’Discount Sales Tax' in the Tax Details section within Items maintenance. If a Discount Sales Tax has not been set for the item, the tax will not be changed.

At POS the screen refreshes showing the new calculation, which follows through to the customer receipt once the transaction is paid. The Electronic Audit shows if the tax has been changed for an Item with the message ‘Item tax changed at POS’.

Times Applied

The number of times a discount can be applied to a transaction. For a discount like 'buy 2 get 50% of second item', you want this discount to be applied to each set of two items so the discount could be available unlimited times on a transaction. In this case, the option would be set to 99999. In other cases, you may only want to apply the discount once. For example, a voucher for one free coffee with a cake would only be given once for each voucher. In this case, you would set the option to one. You would need to tender multiple vouchers to get multiple discounts.

Discount Applicable

This option controls when a discount can be give on a transaction. The following options are available:

Any Time

The discount is always applied.

Only If Item Has No Discount

The discount cannot be used on an item if that item has been given ANY type of discount.

Only If Trans Has No Discount

The discount can only be given if there are NO other discounts on the entire transaction.

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