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Discounts - Qualifications

The Qualification tab allows you to specify what items must be purchased to receive the discount/offer.

Figure: Example Discounts Screen

In order to be given a discount, the items must 'qualify' for the discount. This means that the customer must have bought each of the items required. Once qualification is received, a reward can be given.

In order to determine if a discount can be used, the system uses qualification groups. A qualification group is simply a collection of items. If the group contains Items 1, 2 and 3 then the customer must buy any one of those items to qualify, that is 1 or 2 or 3.

Qualify Group 1 = (Item 1 or Item 2 or Item 3)

Each qualifying group can have a quantity associated with it. This means that the customer must buy this number of items to qualify. It can be any combination of the items within the group. For example, if the qualify group had a quantity of two then the customer must buy two of Item 1 or one of Item 2 and one of Item 3, or any other combination, provided that two items are bought.

Some discounts require that the customer must buy one specific item from a group and another specific item from another group, for example buy any shirt and buy any jeans and get 50% off. In this case you must set up a qualification group for each item that must be bought. Each qualifying group must be passed in order to qualify for the offer.

Qualify Group 1 and Qualify Group 2 and Qualify Group 3

for example Shirt and Jeans

Effectively this becomes:

(Item 1 or Item 2) and (Item 3 or Item 4) and (Item 5 or Item 6)

This allows some powerful offers to be set up. For example, buy any 3 of 5 items and get them at a cheaper price. Generally, the minimum number of items to meet qualification will be used, allowing extra items to be used in other offers. For example, if the offer is buy five get one free and the customer buys eight, the three remaining items will be available for other offers.

There is a very important point to note when you set up a discount where the reward is for a specific item, for example buy three items get the fourth one free, or buy this item and get that item free. The reward item must be in the qualification groups. You must have the item in the transaction before you can give it as a reward. The system will not automatically add the reward item on to the transaction.

If you have a qualifying group that is for very specific items and another qualification group that is not so specific, for example buy item 123 and any other item and get a 20% discount, make sure the specific item is in the first qualification group. The less specific qualification group should be second. Otherwise, if the specific item is added to the transaction first, it will satisfy the 'all items' qualification but won't be available for the 'specific item' qualification.

Qualifying Groups

This grid allows you to specify the qualification groups that are required for a discount. The actual items that must be bought for the qualification group are listed in the Qualification Items grid below.

Group Name

A general description for this qualifying group.

Qualify Type

Indicates whether the customer must purchase a certain quantity or value or items. This can be either 'Quantity' or 'Value'

Quantity If you select Type as 'Quantity', you need to specify here the quantity which must be purchased. When you set up a sale or item discount, the quantity is not important. Simply set to 1 and all available items are discounted.

Value If you select Type as 'Value', you need to specify here the value which must be purchased.

Min Qty

A minimum number of items required in the transaction to trigger the offer.

Max Qty

A maximum number of items allowed to be used in the offer on a transaction.


The transaction value that needs to be reached to trigger the offer.


The weight or measure that needs to be reached to trigger the offer. Weighted items would count as having quantity 1 and weight of whatever the item weighs, for example 3kgs.

Qualification Items

Once you have specified a qualifying group to say that a customer must buy a certain quantity or value of items, you need to tell the system what those items actually are. These details are entered in this grid. You can specify multiple different items. Any items within the group can be purchased provided that the quantity/value specified in the qualifying group are passed. You can specify items buy department, category, group, subgroup, family group, classification or IPN. Specify as many or as few details as you need to. If you want all items from a certain department, just enter the department code and leave the other details empty. If you don't enter any items here, the system will assume any item can be purchased to meet the qualifying group.


The department/category/group/subgroup the item must belong to in order to get this discount.


The classification the item must belong to in order to get this discount.

Family Group

The family the item must belong to in order to get this discount.

Item Number

Number of item.

Brand Name

Brand as means of indicating which items are included in (or excluded from) a discount.


The season code the item belongs to in order to get this discount. This allows you to apply discounts to end of season stock.


Only items in this year get this discount.

Exclude Items

If this option is checked on, all items in the qualification group are NOT allowed to be in the transaction.

Note: You should still have a qualifying group to allow the item to be selected. For example, if you wanted all categories in the FOOD department except VEGE, then would have one qualifying group for the FOOD department then one qualifying group excluding VEGE.


If the items in the Qualification Items grid are the items you want to use as the reward items, press this button to copy the items to the rewards section.

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