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EFTPOS Mapping

If you use EFTPOS, you usually you have one tender set up called 'EFTPOS'. The user would select this and the EFTPOS transaction would be processed.

However, a number of different cards can be used for EFTPOS, for example VISA, Mastercard, and so on. It may be more beneficial to see tender details for each card rather than just EFTPOS. But you may still only want the user to select a single EFTPOS tender. This is where EFTPOS mapping can be used. When an EFTPOS transaction is made, one of the details usually returned is the card type. You can use the Tender Cross-Reference function to specify that card code VISA is equivalent to the POS BE tender code 12. POS will then be able to translate the selected EFTPOS tender to the VISA tender. So even though the user may select the EFTPOS tender, its the VISA tender that is added to the transaction.

You can set up the tenders for POS so the VISA and Mastercard tenders are not visible to the user.

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