Electronic Audit

The Electronic Audit is a tool to view Point Of Sale transactions. There are two types of electronic audits available within the system.

1. The Electronic Audit function is the more powerful option. You can specify various criteria such as date range, till code, operator, and so on to restrict the transactions to view. It will allow you to go as far back in history as you have data. It can be used at head office to view transactions across different stores. However, it will only show transactions which have actually been processed. If for some reason, a POS has not yet sent its sales to head office, these transactions will not be visible. Also, if the server is not available, a store will not have any audit facility.

If a POS transaction required a user to authorise certain actions like cancelling a transaction or changing a price, the Electronic Audit will show the name of the authorising user in the Operator column. The name of the original operator and the authorising user will be shown together. For example, PETER changed the price but KATE authorised it. You would see the following as the Operator Name: PETER/ KATE.

The Electronic Audit also supports multiple operators on a transaction. Additional operators are displayed as ‘Multi Operator Link’. Searching by the operator in the standard search parameters highlights the transaction where the operator has been added as an additional operator.

2. An alternative is the Electronic Audit facility built into POS. It shows a simpler view of the transactions with the following caveats:

To use this option you simply set up the POS Keyboard to have the ELECAUDIT key available.

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