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Family Statistics

Items are often grouped together under a single family group. This is common in fashion where you have an item in multiple colours, sizes and fits. You will have one item for each colour/size/fit combination and they will all belong to the same family group. It is often useful to be able to see the statistics for these items in a grid format with each colour being a row and each size being a column. This allows you to quickly see patterns in the figures, which you may not see in Trading Statistics.

The Family Statistics function allows you to see these statistics. It allows you to select a family group, location (which can be a group) and a period range. It will show the statistics data in a grid view. The data which can be viewed includes Sales, GP$, Qty Sold and Stock On Hand. You can choose two data points for rows and two for each column. This allows you to view statistics in all sorts of views, for example Location/Period vs Size/Fit, Colour vs Size.

You an also generate a graph of the data. You can indicate whether the graph should be based on the column totals, row totals or details (each cell). The column and row total options will generate a bar graph. The details option will generate a bubble chart. A circle is drawn for each cell. The size of the circle is relative to the value in that cell. The larger the value, the larger the circle.

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