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Fashion Orders

When you sell a shirt or a dress, you usually have a combination of colours and sizes. These items are grouped under the same family code which allows pricing to be easily controlled. If you check on the Fashion Items option on the System tab in System Settings, the way in which items are added to a purchase order is changed. Usually you would press the + button and a window will pop up asking for the item details. With this option checked on, when you press the + button the system will ask you if you want to add a single item or a family group. If you add a single item, you will get the normal item window. If you add a family group, you will see a slightly different window.

Figure: Example Family Details Screen

This will show a grid of the items in the family group, split into variety/colour and size. Each cell in the grid is the quantity to order for that variety and size. You enter the quantities you need for each variety and size combination. When you press Save, the system will add each of the items that has a quantity to the purchase order. If you edit an item that belongs to a family group, the system will display the grid again and allow you to change the quantities for any item in the family group.

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