Gift Accounts

A gift account is a customer debit account that is not linked to a specific customer. You sell special gift items to the customer. Each item is assigned a unique number. The system will automatically create an account using the unique number and the sale value. The customer can then use the account to pay for purchases. Because the account is not linked specifically to a customer, the account can be passed to some one else as a gift. The account can also be topped up so the card can be used indefinitely.

You set up items to represent the gift accounts. Some retailers have plastic cards that they sell. These can either have preprinted unique numbers or a space to write a number. Preprinted cards work better because you can embed the number in a magnetic stripe or a barcode so the number can be swiped/scanned at POS. These items are set up as any other items with a cost and a sell price and are recorded in System Settings as special gift account items.

When the items are sold the system can recognise they are gift account items. The system can either ask for a gift account number or generate a number automatically (depending on System Settings). You would ask for the gift account number when you use preprinted plastic cards. If you write the number on the card, you would generate the number automatically. One thing to note is that if you generate the number automatically, you cannot top up the account balance. It becomes a single value gift account only.

To pay for an item with the gift account you set up a special gift account tender. When this is used to pay for a sale, the POS will ask for the card number (which can be entered or swiped, if you are choosing plastic cards that are printed appropriately). This will check the account balance is high enough to cover the sale. If there is not enough money you are given a choice whether to redeem this amount and pay the remainder with another payment or to reject the payment by gift account.

Three reports are available to show details of gift account sales and redemptions:

How Do I Set Up Gift Accounts?

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