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Givex Gift Cards

Givex gift cards can be activated and money topped up on them so they can be used as a payment method. In addition to the stored value gift card, Givex also offers a loyalty card service where points can be accumulated from sales and later the points redeemed as a payment. On the Profile- Settings 3 tab in Tills, select the Money/Points check boxes to enable the functionality of the gift cards.

Support includes:

Card Activation/Top up

To allow the purchase and top-up of Givex Gift Cards, it is necessary to create an open price sales item to record the purchase and top-up of gift cards and range the sales item so that it can be used on the POS at the required locations. In System Settings, the IPN of the sales item configured must be entered so that the item is identified as a special item. Add the POS Keyboard activity GCActivate so that the button shows on POS.

Note: ‘Card Activation’ is only available when a new transaction is started and the sale of other items is not permitted in this mode.

If you have enough authority select the Card Activate /Top up function on the POS and key or swipe the card. After the card number has been checked to be a Givex number, add a value to place on the card by typing an amount/select from a list of preset card amounts. Default gift card preset values are 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 200. These values can be overridden by configuring the POS Key Keyboard State GIFTCARDPRESETS. The Gift Card item and value is added to the transaction and a check made to ensure the value does not exceed the maximum value configured in Tills Profile - Settings 3 tab.

A ticket is printed showing the Givex transaction with the activation/top up amount. Press the Tender button to take payment and a normal receipt is printed. Once the gift card has been processed, give / return the gift card to the customer along with the customer copy of the gift card receipt.

Gift Card Redemption

To configure the redemption of gift cards, create one or two tenders - one tender for Stored Value, another for Points. Ensure the option ‘Can the customer give you more than the value of the sale’ is not selected on the DynaPOS Options tab. If desired, configure the maximum tender amount and if the tender is accepted for Returns and Refunds.

On the DynaPOS Options 2 tab, ensure the appropriate Gift Card Type is selected.

On POS, select the Payment button and select the configured gift card payment tender (Value or Points). Key or swipe the gift card to redeem the value against the card. If redeeming points, the value of the points on the card is shown in the primary currency and the amount to redeem from the card is also in the primary currency. This is done by converting the point value on the card to the primary currency using the configured exchange Currency Rate. The card balance is displayed on the bottom left of the screen. The value entered is checked to ensure the equivalent points is greater or equal to the configured Minimum Points setting in System Settings.

The fast pay buttons will only be shown for values up to the balance remaining on the card or the transaction total, whichever is lower. You can also manually enter a value instead of using the fast pay buttons. Tendering above the transaction total is not allowed. If any balance is still outstanding POS prompts for further payment.

Balance Enquiry

Functionality is provided within the POS Application to determine the outstanding balance on a customer’s gift card and optionally print the result. Add the POS Keyboard activity GCBALENQJ so that the action shows on POS.

If you have enough authority select the function on the POS to perform a balance enquiry and then swipe or key the gift card, and print off a receipt containing the remaining balance on the card. Once printed give the gift card balance enquiry receipt to the customer.

Manual Adjustment

The Manual Adjustment function allows you to manually correct the balance of a Givex card. One adjustment can be made per transaction. Add the POS Keyboard activity GCMANADJ so that the action shows on POS.

If you have enough authority, select the function on the POS to perform an adjustment, select the type of adjustment (increase or decrease) then swipe or key the gift card. The balance of the card is displayed in the bottom left of the screen. Enter the value to adjust the card balance by and press the OK button.

Transaction Return

If the transaction is a return and it has been paid for with a gift card (Value or Points), money is put back on the card and no points will be returned to the card.

Note: Activation/Top Up returns can only be performed up to 24hrs after the original transaction.


Configuration of the till device determines if the till supports points via the Profile- Settings 3 tab in Tills. Select the Points check box to enable the functionality.

BE will not calculate points for each item. This service is performed by Givex – when the item is submitted, Givex calculates the number of points for the item and the number is returned to BE.

For redemption, BE needs to know how many points each item is worth. This is achieved by creating an exchange rate between the points exchange code (normally PTS) and the desired currency.

Card Recognition

A card can be manually registered to the transaction. Add the POS Keyboard activity GCREGCARD so that the action shows on POS.

If you have enough authority, select the function on the POS to register the card to the transaction.

Points Issuance

In order to earn points the card must have been registered previously by registering it on the sales screen. The card can also be swiped whilst in the payment screen. When the transaction has been completed, POS sends each item to Givex and this will return the number of points earned for each item. If a transaction or item is returned that has earned points, the points will be removed from the card. The return transaction cannot be completed without the original card.

Note: No points will be earned on transactions which are paid or part paid with points if the Give Points on Sales Redeemed With Points setting in System Settings – POS 2 tab is checked off.

Security Settings

There are five functions in the Function list on the Tills Profile-Security tab to apply security settings to the gift card functions.

How Do I Set Up Givex Gift Cards?

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