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Goods Receipt Picked - Items

The sequence the items are displayed can be controlled by using the Screen/Report Sequence on the Ordering tab of Suppliers.

Figure: Example Goods Receipt Picked Items Screen


Our IPN for the product. If you don't know this number then you can move to the next field and enter the supplier's order code.

Order Code

The supplier's order number for the item. If you have already entered an IPN, you don't need to enter the order code.


Our description for the item. This is automatically set by the system.

Cartons Ordered

The number of cartons ordered. This is set by the system and is only available if the item came from a purchase order.

Cartons Picked

The number of cartons picked. Defaults to the Cartons Ordered quantity.

Var vs Ordered

Calculated internally as Cartons Picked minus Cartons Ordered.

Cartons Received

The cartons actually received. If this is entered, the system will calculate the Units Recv. If the item came from a purchase order then this number will be automatically set to the number of cartons ordered.

Var vs Picked

Calculated internally as Cartons Received minus Cartons Picked.


Received, Quantity in excess of pick note, More to come/quantity less than pick note, Cancelled line.

Carton Var

The difference between the number of cartons received and the number of cartons ordered.


The number of our purchase order, if any, that this item came from. If a receipt is for several of our purchase orders then the same item could appear multiple times with different PO numbers. This is automatically set by the system.

Carton Size

The carton size of the item. This is automatically set by the system.


The user who entered the item on the receipt.


The dept/cat/group/subgroup of the item.

Units Deliv

The number of units delivered.

Cartons Deliv

The number of cartons delivered.

Unit Discrpcy

Unit discrepancy.

Carton Discrpcy

Carton discrepancy.

Carton Cost

The carton cost of the item.

Line Cost

The line cost of the item.

Landed Cost

If the item came from a purchase order then this will be set to the landed cost based on original cost shown on the purchase order. If the item was simply keyed in, this is the current expected landed cost.

Expected Rebates

This is the expected rebates we hope to claim for this item. See Deals, Rebates and Claims for further information.


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