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Hold The Table’s Sale

In a dining environment, it is not uncommon for the sale to grow during the night as the customer adds more food and drink items to their bill. You can start the sale, place it on hold, recall it to add more items, hold it again and so on until the customer is ready to pay.

To do this, add items to the sale transaction as you normally would. Instead of pressing the Payment button when finished, press the Hold button. The sale has now been placed on hold and you can start a new sale. When you need to add more items to the sale or finalise the bill, you can recall the sale. Finish the current transaction so that the system is ready to take a new sale.

The Recall button displays a list of the sales that are on hold. Press the button that the required sale is on and the sale is recalled for further processing. You can add more items and place the sale back on hold or you can record the payment for the sale.

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