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How Do I Add A New Employee?

If you want to use Labour Scheduling, you need to define your employees so that they can clock in and you can roster them. Before you set up your employees you need to define the jobs that can be performed (see How Do I Add A New Job Type?) Once job types are set up, you can turn your attention to your employees. Since most of your employees probably use DynaPOS/Touch, you will have already set them up as users (see How Do I Add A New User?). The rest of this section explains how to change the user details for labour scheduling.


Select the Users task from the menu.


Press the User button to open the search screen. Find the user record you want to change and Select it.


Select the Job/Roster tab.

Move to the Payroll Code field and enter the user's payroll number.


Just below the Payroll Code field is a checkbox for each day of the week. The days that are checked on are the days the employee can work. Check these as required.


In the Comments field, enter any comments that may help when making rosters, for example 'needs supervision'.


Move to the User Job Types grid and enter all the jobs this user is able to perform. A user should have at least one job entered. Use the Add button to create a new line.


If the employee is going to be unavailable for a certain period, for example holidays, move to the Unavailable Times grid and enter the date range that they will be unavailable. Use the Add button to create a new line.


Click the Save button.

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