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How Do I Add A New Job Type?

If you want to use Labour Scheduling, you need to define each job that can be performed. These instructions will help you set up a new job type.


Select the Job Types task from the menu.


Press the New button.


Enter a unique code to identify the job. This can only be five characters in length.


Enter a description for the job type. This should identify the unique job, for example SHOP ASSISTANT LEVEL 1.


Enter a description that will be shown to the user at the POS. This should simply identify the basic job, for example SHOP ASSISTANT.


You now need to select the pay type for the job. This can be Part-time, Casual, Fulltime (overtime paid) or Management (similar to fulltime but no overtime paid).


Enter the minimum number of hours which must be worked each week for this job, for example Fulltime=37.5, Part-time=10, Casual=0.


Enter the number of hours in a 'day', for example 7.5 hours. This is used to calculate end times when defining new jobs.


Enter the number of hours that can be worked before overtime is paid. If a job doesn't pay overtime then set this to 999.


The next field is the number of hours that can be exported to payroll. This is usually set to 999. However, if the employee only gets paid for a certain number of hours a week, regardless of how much they actually work, set this to the number of hours they get paid for.


Enter the base rate of pay for the job. This is a dollar amount, for example $7.50/hour.


Enter the Estimated On Costs as percentage of the base rate of pay, for example 12%. On Costs include payroll tax; leave loading, superannuation and any other expenses incurred as part of employment.


Click the Save button.

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