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How Do I Add A New Location?

This section describes how to add a new location to the system. You will need to know the following information:

What type of location do I want to add ?

Once you know what locations you need and how you want to structure them, follow the instructions to add locations.

Add the highest group location first, then the next level of group locations and finally add the specific locations. For example, if the following diagram is the structure you need to add the locations in this order: ALL, QLD, NSW, BRKD, KLGR and NSYD.

D-store1.gif (1662 bytes)

Non-licenced locations such as warehouses can be added as location types when the licence has met the limit of the store licence count. The warning message - 'You have added all the locations you are allowed to under your licence. Cannot add a new store.' is shown when the New location button is pressed.

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