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How Do I Add A New Location For Selling/Stocking Items?


Tax Systems.


Select the Management task from the Backoffice Menu.


Start the Locations task from the Management menu.


It is good practice to check if the location you want to add already exists in the system. If you are sure the location is not in the system then go to 5.


Find the location you want (press the Location button to start the search). Click the Search button.

If your location is listed then you don't need to add the location and you are finished.

If no locations are found, the system displays a message 'No records were found matching the criteria'. Click the OK button to remove the message. You will need to add the location. Press the Cancel button to close the Location Search window.


Click the New button.


Enter a new code for the location and click the OK button.


Enter the location's name.


Go to the Parent Location field and enter the code of the location group that is this location's parent. In the earlier diagram, the parent for BRKD would be QLD.


Ensure the Use For Pricing checkbox is checked on.


You need to set the location groups that this location can be in.

Click the Groups/Stores tab. Click the New button btnSmallNew.gif (1125 bytes) in the Location Groups and enter the code of the location group that this specific location belongs in. Repeat this step for all groups this location belongs in.


If this location is to sell liquor you will need to go to the Liquor Tax Wine, Beer and Spirits combo boxes and select the appropriate tax rates for the location.


Click the Save button.

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