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How Do I Add A New Sell?

Most sell prices can be entered using the Items form. Promotional sell prices should be entered into the Promotions form. When the promotion becomes effective, the system automatically creates a sell record for you.

This section describes how to add a new sell for an item.


Select the Items task from the Main Menu.


Start the Items option from the Items menu.


Find the item you want to add the cost to (press the Items button to start the search).

Use IPN or Description to narrow the search.


Click the Costs/Sells tab. The current sells are displayed in the Retail section. Click the New button btnSmallNew.gif (1125 bytes) in the Retail section. The system adds a new sell.


Enter the location that will sell the item at this particular sell price. This can be a specific location or it can be a location group. Press the Tab key.


Enter the date this sell becomes effective. The system sets this date automatically to today but you can set it to any date in the future.


Select the Sell Type for this sell price. This is usually 'Normal' as 'Promo' sells are created via the Promotions form.


The system automatically calculates the expected unit cost for the item. This is the landed cost (includes freight and liquor tax).


Move to the Sell 1 and enter the sell price. If you want to use more than one sell price, for example for special member pricing, then repeat this for Sell 2 to Sell 5.


Click the Save button.

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