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How Do I Add A New Supplier?

This section describes how to add a new supplier to the system. It does not describe how to set up additional details to use the supplier for suggested reordering or to accept electronic host updates.


Start the Suppliers task from the Main Menu.


Select the Suppliers option.


It is good practice to check if the supplier you want to add already exists in the system. If you are sure the supplier is not in the system then go to 8.


Click the Supplier button at the top left of the window. The Supplier search window is displayed.


Click in the Name field and enter the first few letters of the supplier's name (four or five is sufficient).


Press the Search button.


The system tries to find any matching suppliers. If your supplier was listed then you don't need to add the supplier and you are finished. If no suppliers are found, the system displays a message 'No records were found matching the criteria'. Click the OK button to remove the message. You will need to add the supplier.


Press the Cancel button to close the search window.
btn_bigcancel.gif (1962 bytes)


Click the New button.


Enter a code to identify the supplier. The code can be up to ten characters long. It can be a combination of letters or numbers. It should not include spaces. Press the OK button.


If a supplier already exists for the code, the system displays that supplier to you. If it is not the supplier you want then go back to 8 and enter a different code.


Enter the supplier's name, supplier type, addresses and contact details.


Click the Accounts tab to display the Accounts set up button.


The cost that appears on the supplier’s invoice is made up of certain components, for example service fee, sales tax, and so on. Check on the cost components that make up the supplier's cost.

Hint: If your indicate that sales tax is included in the cost and your industry doesn't use liquor tax then check the liquor tax on anyway. This effectively hides the liquor tax when you are doing invoices.


Click the Save button.

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