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How Do I Add A New Ticket Batch?

This section describes how you can create a simple batch of tickets for some items.


Select the Items task from the Main Menu.


Start the Print Tickets/Labels task from the Items Setup menu.


Click the New button.


Enter a description or reason for the batch in the Description field.


In the Label combo box select the type of label you want to print.


In the Location field, select the location that these tickets are for. The system uses this location to determine the prices to print on the tickets.


Select the Items tab.


Click the btnSmallNew.gif (1125 bytes) to add an item to the batch and enter the item number. If you don't know the item number, click the button to perform a search.

Click the OK button to add the item.

Repeat this step for all items you want a ticket for.


Alternatively click the Bulk Tickets button to generate tickets for a group of items.

Specify the criteria for the group and select the Add Tickets button.


Click the Save button. This closes the batch form and returns you to the main form.


Click the Print button to print the tickets.
Button_Print2.gif (1479 bytes)

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