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How Do I Add A New Till?

You need to define each till connected to the system using Tills. These instructions will help you set up a new till.


Locations, Security Groups, Keyboard.


Start the Tills task from the Main Menu.


Press the New button.
 The system starts a new till definition.


In the Till Code field, enter a unique code to identify the till. If the code already exists, the details for the existing till are displayed.


Enter the basic till details:


Set the Description to describe the till.


In Location, select the location where the till is located.


Set the Computer Name to the name of the computer on which the till exists. You can obtain this by going to Control Panel and selecting Network. Go to the Identification tab and the Computer Name is displayed.


Select the required keyboard in Keyboard.


In Till# enter a unique number to identify the till.


Set Float to the value of the float that this till usually has. Add an amount for the float in the secondary currency as necessary.


Select the Rounding method required for this till. This is usually 'Round Up/Down'.


Next, set the To Nearest to the number of cents to round to. This is usually 5.


You now need to set up the devices that are connected to a till. Select the Till Devices tab. For each device such as a receipt printer, cash drawer and scanner you need to add a new line in the Till Devices grid.


Click the btnSmallNew.gif (1125 bytes) in the Till Devices section to add a new row to the grid.



Set the Device Code to a unique code for that till device. All till devices, regardless of what till they are connected to, require a unique code.


Set the Device Type and Sub Type to that matching the till device.


Set the remaining communication details so that the till can communicate with the till device.


Repeat Steps 14-17 for each device.


If the till needs to print receipts, move to Receipt Printer and select a till device to print the receipt to. The till device does not have to be connected to this till, it can be any till. This allows several tills to share a single printer.


To set up the printer format, select the Location tab.


Set the Receipt Header to the text that prints at the top of each receipt.


Set Receipt Footer to the text that prints at the bottom of each receipt.


The next step is to assign profiles. A profile contains a list of settings common to a group of tills.

To create a new profile, click the btnSmallNew.gif (1125 bytes) button. If a profile already exists you can select it from the Profile Code box.


Complete each profile – settings, security, messages and printing as required.


Click the Save button.

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