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How Do I Add A New User For The Till?

A user is a person who requires access to the PC or a person who wants to operate a POS device. Each user must be set up with a unique code to identify them.


Select the Users task from the Main Menu.


Press the New button.
 The system shows a new user screen.


Enter a unique code to identify the user that is name of person, and press the OK button. If the first name is already used, enter in the first letter of the surname.



In the Full Name field, enter the user’s full name.


Press the Next Number button to automatically generate a User Number.


In the Password field, set the password to be the same as the number of the user’s Dallas key. Note that password is shown as asterisks. Press the Tab key, and re-input the same password in the Confirm Password window, then press the OK button.


Enter or search for the primary location this user belongs to.


Click on the Security tab, press btnSmallNew.gif (1125 bytes) and enter the user’s required access by clicking on the drop down arrow on the Security Group and selecting the required security access. that is Local Management or Server. Click on the Save button when done.


Click on the POS tab, press btnSmallNew.gif (1125 bytes) and type in/select the location the user works at.


Click the Save button.

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