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How Do I Add A Payment To An Order?

How Do I Create An Order?

A customer order is a transaction where goods need to be ordered for the customer such as furniture. Unlike a layby or a COD, full payment does not automatically finalise the transaction. You need to actually release the goods.


Press the Customer button. Either enter the customer's number or press Search to search for a customer.


Any pending transactions for this customer are listed. (If there are no transactions, the system expects you to start a new sale for this customer.)


Highlight the required transaction and press the Select button.


You can now make an additional payment.


Press the Payment button. Make the payment by selecting the tender type from the buttons displayed down the right side of the screen.


Select the tender amount from the buttons displayed down the right side of the screen or type the amount (including decimal place) and press the OK button.


If the transaction is now paid in full, the system asks 'Do you want to release the goods now?'. Answer yes if the customer is now taking the goods. The stock is decreased and a sale recorded. If you still don't have the goods in stock, answer No.


If there is still an outstanding amount to be paid, you can put the transaction back on hold by selecting the Order tender. The transaction is placed on hold again and a receipt is printed. This process continues until the transaction is fully paid.

Note: When a part paid order is recalled, no further discounts will be applied.

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