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How Do I Add A POS Message?


Start the POS Messages application.


Click New.


Select the Message Type. The message type can be either:

- Logon Message (message appears only once a day when each user logs in for the first time)

- Start of Transaction (message appears at the start of every transaction)

- End of Transaction (message appears at the end of the every transaction)


If you have selected a message type of 'Start of Transaction' or 'End of Transaction', you can optionally add a 'Yes/No button' to the message. For example, you might like to send a message to the POS that says 'Does customer want some fries with the order?'. If the user enters 'Yes', they will be taken back to the normal sale mode, if they answer 'No' then the user is taken to the payment screen. To switch this feature on, click on the 'Ask Question' checkbox.


Select what locations this message should appear. Note that you can enter in location groups, for example ALL.


Enter the date the message should start appearing in the 'Effective Date' field.


Enter how many days the message should keep appearing in the 'Valid Days' field.


Enter the security group of the users you wish the message to appear to.


Enter the text for the message.


Reload the tills.

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