How Do I Add A User Defined Field?

User defined fields can be added to customise certain data maintenance functions such as Locations, Suppliers, Customers, Items, Daily Info and Users. For example to add a user-defined field to Users follow the following steps.


Start the User Defined Fields  task from the Main Menu. (DataEntryBasic.exe UserDefFields)


Select the function to add a field to - Users in this example.


A set of buttons lets you add a specific type of control for example Combo. Click on the control button and then click on the Screen Layout panel and a control of the specified type with a label will be added to the entry.


Select the control to show the Properties box. This lets you change the Field Type, Name, Caption and add a list of entries to be shown in the drop-down list for the combo box. As you change certain values – the caption, the default value and so on – these changes are reflected on the screen layout panel. The label above the input control will be expanded automatically to fit a long caption – this is not the case for a check box control, you must expand the control to fit.:


When you have added all the fields you want, click Save and exit. You do not need to reload MCS to pick up the changes however, any default values you have specified will not be set automatically for existing entries. The default value settings are applied when you are adding or updating records; not to existing records.


In User maintenance, the new fields appear on the User Defined tab.

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