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How Do I Add A Web URL?

To allow a URL address to be launched from a menu button from the back office.


Start the Menu task from the Main Menu. (DataEntryBasic.exe MENU)


Find the appropriate Menu (press the Menu button to start the search). Ensure the Show News Panel check box is selected as the contents are displayed in an expanded News panel on the main menu of the back office.


Select the Menu tab.


Select a Menu level in the Menu tree.


Drag the *WEB* process to the Menu in the location required. A new button named ‘WEB URL’ is added to the selected Menu which you can rename by double-clicking.


Double click the 'WEB URL' button to edit the details.

When using this option the Menu Item should be configured as follows:

Display Name - Set the name of the button as required.

Image Name - Set the image if required.

Button# - Set the menu button sequence number as required.

Additional Process Parameters - Set URL to be used with any parameters separated by spaces.

The URL string specified can incorporate the parameter token <?PARAM?> within the URL multiple times, which in turn will be replaced by the parameters stated after the string in sequence.


http://www.torexconnect.com/DRSWeb.dll?action=TaskDetails&TaskCode=<?PARAM?> 124595

Will run:


Note: The URL and each parameter should be separated by a single space.


Click the Save button to exit the Menu Item screen and the click the Save button to exit the Menu screen.


When the menu button is pressed from the back office the web page is displayed in an expanded news feed.

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