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How Do I Add Default Margins For Departments?

Default margins can be stored against a department, department/category or department/category/group. They are used when proposing new sell prices. The department/category/group combination must already exist. See How Do I Add A New Department/Category/Group?




Select the Items task from the Main Menu.


Start the Dept/Cat/Groups option from the Items menu.


You now need to expand the tree on the left side of the form until you can see the code you want to add the default margin to. First of all, click the + next to SYSTEM to see the departments. Click on the + next to the department required. Click on the + next to the category required. Click on the + next to the group required. Note that if you want to add a default margin for the system, you would not need to click + at all because the SYSTEM tag is already visible.


Click the Other Codes tab on the right side of the form so you can see the default margins.


Click the New button btnSmallNew.gif (1125 bytes)above the Default Margins grid.


Enter the Location that this default margin applies to. This can be a specific location or a location group. If you don't know the code, press the button to search for it.


Press the Tab key and enter the default margin for the first sell price. Repeat this to set a margin for each sell price level. If you only use three of the five sell prices then you only need to set three margins.


Click the Save button.

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