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How Do I Add Menu Item Countdown Values?

As items are sold the countdown value of the item is amended and acts as an aide memoir for the floor staff (for example we are down to our last 5 Creme Brulee's for this shift).

To add the values to the sales items:


Press the Activity button.


Select the Menu Item Countdown button. The sales items on the fast key panels are displayed.


Select a sales item.


Enter the countdown details of the sales item (if already configured, the current countdown information is shown).


Press the OK button.


Repeat steps 3 to 5 for each item.


When all details have been entered, press the Exit button to return to the Activity menu.

The Menu Item Countdown values are displayed on the configured sales item buttons, and is updated with each new transaction. Sale of the item is prevented when the countdown value reaches zero (where configured).

Cancelling items puts the counts back by the quantity sold.

If you do a stock adjustment you would need to alter the countdown separately as the system is not running a stock figure for all products.

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