Quick Add Items

The Quick Add Item function can be used to quickly add new items (single or family). Ensure the Default UOM value in System Settings is set.

The flag Allow Quick Entry from PO/GR on the System Settings Inventory tab Inventory Options panel must be checked on. This results in a new button on the Purchase Order and Goods Receipt forms called 'Create'. If selected it opens the Quick Item maintenance form.

Figure: Example Quick Add Item Screen

The first step is to enter the supplier and the barcode or order code and press the Check Item button. The system will then check to see if any similar items exist. If there are similar items, they will be displayed. You have the option to select one of the items or continue creating a new item.

The second step requests basic information, descriptions, D/C/G/SG, labels, cost (inc tax) and sell. If only a single item was required, you can press Create and the system will create the item. The costs and sells will be created for the ALL location for today's date. The system will also range the item. The window will close automatically after the item is created.

If a family of items was required, the next step is to examine the list of items auto-created by the system (based on variety/size/fit sets).

The next step is to create the family group code required for the family. Once this has been done, the system will create all the required items (including costs, sells and ranging - as for the single item).

For kits, the system creates the family items first (as it needs the items) then it asks for the kit qty to be entered. From this it will create a kit item.

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