How Do I Assign A Swipe Card To A User?

In order to assign a swipe card to User:


Press the Activity button.


Press the Supervisor button.


Type in your password and press the OK button or swipe your card.


Select the Assign User Card button.


Select the User from the Operator drop-down list you wish to assign the card to.


Swipe the card through the magnetic swipe reader on the Till. The card’s number will be assigned to the User.


Select the Save button. The User has now been assigned the card.


Note: The User will not immediately be able to use the card. As the assignment of the card is occurring on the headoffice system (even though we’re using the POS), the card information has to be sent out to all Tills where that user is assigned. This may take a few minutes to complete. Alternatively, you may elect to Reload the Till.

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