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How Do I Cancel An Override Sell Price?

Once an override sell price has started (see How Do I Override A Head Office Sell Price?), you need to turn if off somehow. If you set an expiry date for the sell price, DynaPOS will stop using that sell price once the expiry date is reached. If you didn't set this date then you will need to manually clear the override as follows:


Select the Items task from the Main Menu.


Click the Location Item button.


Find the item (press the Item button to start the search). Use IPN or Description to narrow the search. Click the required product and then the Select button.


In the grid at the bottom of the window, highlight the location you want to cancel the override sell price for.


Press the Clear button.
button_nopromo.gif (1537 bytes)


Press the Close button.
button_close.gif (1427 bytes)

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