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How Do I Change Price Levels?

An item can have five sell prices in effect at any point in time. The first price might be the normal price, the second a happy hour price, the third one a special customer price, and so on. So how does POS know which price level to use?


The system can automatically determine the price level based on location, day of week, customer, shift, sales method. Any time the shift is changed, the sales method is changed, or a customer is added to the transaction, the system will recalculate the price level to use.


The alternative is to manually change the price level as required. There are two ways of doing this.

A command from the back office can be sent to change the price-levels for any location in your management area. The tills must be online to pick up the change command.


Press the Activity button.


Select the Price Level button. This will change the price level on POS in the same location as the current till. You cannot change the price levels for tills in another location. This method will work even if the POS are offline from the server.

It will communicate the request to the available tills. If a till cannot be contacted, a message is displayed.

Note: You should not mix the automatic and manual price level methods. Use one or the other but not both.

Example Price Level change on the POS

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