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How Do I Change The Times?


Press the Modify button on the right side of the screen.


Press the Chg Time button. The dates will default to the current date. The start time will be the current time and the end time will be the start time plus one unit of time. So if the item had a Unit Of Measure of 15MIN, and the start time was 11:30, the end time would be 11:45.


Amend the start/end date/time of an item.  You can change the dates/times as required.

When you add a time-charge item to a sale at POS, the system will popup a window. This window will ask for the start date/time and end date/time.  You can then put the transaction on hold. When the customer comes back to you at the end of the session you can recall the sale, highlight the item and select Modify| Chg Time. This will display the same popup window before and allow you to alter the times. The system will take the time difference and divide this by the unit of measure to get a quantity. This becomes the quantity of the item in the sale. So if the start time was 11:00 and the end time was 11:30, the system would divide the 30 minutes by 15 (the unit of measure) to get a quantity of 2.

When the receipt is printed, it will show the start and end time for the item.

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