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How Do I Charge A Sale to Account?

Customers who can pay by account are set up as members. Make a sale as usual. Before you press the Payment button:


Press the Member (Customer) button.


Enter the member's number and press the OK button.


Press the Payment button.


If the member is allowed to pay on account, you see an Account payment listed in the tender buttons on the right side of the screen. Press the button. If the member does not have an account, the button is not displayed. If the member has more than one account, a list of the accounts is displayed on the right side of screen. Press the button for the required account. If the member only has one account, the POS system skips this step.


Enter the amount of the account payment or press a button from the tender amounts shown on the right side of the screen. 


If the member does not have enough funds in the account, the system displays a warning showing how much is available.

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