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How Do I Check Times Are Complete?

The Time Review task is used to check that times are complete. The task highlights the problem users, for example a clock in time without a clock out time.


Select the Time Review task from the menu.


By default the details for yesterday are shown. If you need to see another day, change the dates and press the Refresh button.


Look through the list of users. Any users with a SmallClockBad.gif (921 bytes) symbol next to them are a problem. Highlight the user.


The user's times are displayed in the grid on the right side of the screen. Enter the required information. Repeat this step for all bad users.


Check the users that don't have a symbol next to them at all. This indicates a user with no times. Are you aware that the person should have been working? If so add a time entry for them.


Finally, check the totals shown at the top, right of the screen. Are these close to what you expected? If not, it may indicate a problem with a user having clocked in too many, or too few, times. Review each user, by moving through the user list, and look for any problems.


You have finished. Press the Close button to save details and return to the menu.
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