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How Do I Create A Cash On Delivery?

How Do I Add A Payment To A COD?

A COD is a transaction where the customer makes full payment when the goods are delivered. You need to make an initial transaction to indicate what the goods are and recall the transaction to record the payment. On final payment, stock is decreased on the system and a sale is recorded.


Press the Activity button.


Press the COD button.


Press the Customer button. Either enter the customer's number or press Search to search for a customer. If a new customer then press Search and then New. You are able to add the customer's details at this point.


Scan product or enter the PLU number and press the OK button.


Add remaining items to the transaction in the same way.


Press the Payment button. If you need to take a deposit, make the payment by selecting the tender type from the buttons displayed down the right side of the screen.


Select the tender amount from the buttons displayed down the right side of the screen or type the amount (including decimal place) and press the OK button.


You are asked to select how to pay the remaining amount. Select the COD tender.


The transaction is placed on hold and a receipt is printed.

Note: This function is not allowed if the system is configured to be used in Brazil with a fiscal printer.

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