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How Do I Do A Direct Stocktake?

A 'Direct' stocktake is used when you might spot check a small number of items within the location. In this case, you enter the item number and its quantity. The current stock on hand is calculated and any variances generated.


Locations, Items, Suppliers.


Select the Inventory task from the Backoffice Menu.


Start the Stocktake task.


Click the New button.

A Stocktake Type window opens.


Select the type of stocktake required (Direct) and click the OK button. The system adds a new stocktake and automatically assigns a stocktake number.


In the Location field, enter the code of the location to count. If you don't know the location's code, press the Location button to search for it.


Click the Items tab.


You now need to count the stock. You can do this by using a PDE or by simply writing your counts down. Since no items have been entered yet, it will be no use printing the worksheets. If you want to use a PDE, see How Do I Use A PDE For Stocktake? Once you have loaded the item count from the PDE, go to Step 12.


Click the btnSmallNew.gif (1125 bytes) button to start adding items to the stocktake.


Enter the IPN of the item you counted. If you don't have the IPN then click  to start an item search.


Move to the Quantity Counted cell and enter the quantity counted.


Click the Save button.


If you need to add more items, repeat Steps 8 to 11 until all items have been entered.


If you need to delete an item from the stocktake do one of the following:

         I.      Click on the required row and then click the btnSmallDelete.gif (1109 bytes) button.

       II.      Click on the required row. Hold down the Ctrl key and press the Delete key. The system will check you want to delete. Click OK to delete the line, or Cancel to leave the line in the stocktake.


At this point you should have all your counts entered against the items in your stocktake. You need to print a Stocktake Valuation Variances Only Report so you know which item counts need to be checked. Click the Print button.


Select the Variance Report option and click the Print button.

Button_Print2.gif (1479 bytes)


The variance report shows those items where the expected stock on hand calculated by the system is not the same as the quantity counted. You can check these items and then re-enter their counts in the stocktake again.


Once you are happy that your stocktake is as accurate as possible, print a Valuation Report. Click the Print button.
Button_Print2.gif (1479 bytes)


Click the Accept button to mark the stocktake as completed. You will not be able to change the details on this stocktake now.
button_accept.gif (1518 bytes)

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