How Do I Get A Suggested Purchase Order?

A suggested purchase order is where the system automatically suggests items to appear on your purchase order based on sales history and required stock levels. See Suggested Ordering for further details on how this works. Assuming your system has been set up properly, how do you actually get a suggested purchase order? Add your new purchase order as you normally would, that is supplier, location, delivery dates, and so on. However, don't enter any items in it. Instead do the following:


Locations, Items, Suppliers.


Start the Suggested Purchase Orders task from the Main Menu.
button_suggest.gif (1507 bytes)


The following form is displayed. This is used to restrict the items to be checked by the system. If you want all items from the supplier checked, do not enter any details. If you want items from a particular department to be checked, select the department code.


Click on the Location button and then the Search button. Select the required location and click the Select button.


There are 3 methods available:

Automatic – creates an order using items required.

Same as Date – Duplicates a past order by date.

New Store – Creates an order for all products at a site.

Select applicable option.


Click on items to be ordered by Dept/Cat/Group/Sub Group.


In the Supplier field, enter the code of the supplier you want to get the goods from. If you don't know the supplier's code, press the Supplier button to search for it. Click the required supplier and then the Select button.


Click the Suggest button.


Enter any comments or special instructions and click the Create Orders button.

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