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How Do I Get The Normal Sell To Work Correctly?

As items are entered, the system attempts to show the normal sell. You may notice that on some promotions this doesn't display properly and you see $0.00. The reason for this is generally to do with the locations being used. An example will show this best.

We have two location hierarchies set up so that NEWBS goes to NEW to SA to ALL and BRTBS goes to BRT to SA to ALL. We normally enter the sell prices against the locations NEW and BRT. However, when the promotion is entered, the location is set to SA. When the system goes to look for a normal sell it checks for locations SA then ALL. It doesn't go backwards through the list. Therefore it can't find the normal sell BRT or NEW and can't display a normal sell price. The reason it doesn't go back through the list is that if it was checking for SA and found one sell price for NEW and a different one for BRT it wouldn't be able to determine which one was the 'right' price to use.

The lesson here is that the locations entered for a promotion should be the same locations that normal sell prices are entered for. This keeps consistency within the system and will ensure that the normal sell price can be accurately shown.

Note that there is nothing wrong with the promotion and it will work correctly.

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