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Accept A Trade-In?

Accept Foreign Currency?

Accept Loyalty Points As Payment?

Add A Deal?

Add A Family Of Items?

Add A Float?

Add A Kitchen Comment?

Add A Kitchen Printer?

Add A Log Off Button To The Main Menu?

Add A New Basic Item?

Add A New Customer?

Add A New Department/Category/Group?

Add A New Discount Or Offer?

Add A New Employee?

Add A New Fit Set?

Add A New Job Type?

Add A New Label?

Add A New Location?

Add A New Location For Pricing?

Add A New Location For Reporting?

Add A New Location For Selling/Stocking Items?

Add A New Member?

Add A New Normal Cost?

Add A New Purchase Order?

Add A New Sell?

Add A New Size Set?

Add A New Supplier?

Add A New Supplier Invoice?

Add A New Ticket Batch?

Add A New Till?

Add A New User For The PC?

Add A New User For The Till?

Add A New Variety Set?

Add A Payment To A Cash on Delivery?

Add A Payment To A Layby?

Add A POS Message?

Add A Receipt Printer?

Add An Exit Button To The Main Menu?

Add An Item Rebate?

Add A Web Page?

Add A Web URL?

Add Cross-Reference Codes For Departments?

Add Default Margins For Departments?

Add Extra Types Of Accounts For Customers?

Add Function Buttons?

Add Items To A Fastkey Panel?

Add Modifiers To A Fastkey Panel?

Add Multi-Size Items To A Fastkey Panel?

Add New Account Adjustment Codes?

Add New Items Quickly?

Add New Payment Terms?

Add Seasonal Adjustments For Departments?

Add Stock Cover Levels For Departments?

Add Trading Terms?

Add The Item Menu Function To POS?

Allow Only Cashiers To Pay A Transaction?

Assign Keyboards To Tills?


Cancel A Sale?

Cancel An Item?

Cancel An Override Sell Price?

Cancel The Last Item?

Capture Signatures?

Change A Till Declaration?

Change An Item Price?

Change Loyalty Category Types?

Change Quantities?

Charge A Sale To Account?

Check Times Are Complete?

Claim A Price Difference?

Clear/Exit Functions?

Clock In And Out?

Configure An OPOS Device?

Configure IP Printing?

Control Back Orders?

Convert Local Statistics?

Create A Cash on Delivery?

Create A Layby?

Create An Order?


Deactivate A Till?

Define A Cash Drawer Connected To A Receipt Printer?

Define My Own Receipt?

Define Points To Give To Customers?

Delete A Fastkey From A DynaPOS Keyboard?

Delete A POS Keyboard?

Delete Tills?

Discount A Sale?

Discount An Item?

Do A Direct Stocktake?

Do A Price Enquiry?

Do A Stock Adjustment?

Do A Stock Adjustment On The Till?

Do A Store Stocktake?


Enter The Training Mode?

Exchange An Item?

Exit The Training Mode?


Generate A Quote?

Get A Returns Report?

Get A Suggested Purchase Order?

Get The Normal Sell To Work Correctly?

Give A Credit Note?


Hold A Sale?

Hold The Table's Sale until Completion?


Import Item Data?

Include The Rate Of Sale On Tickets?

Install A BE Licence?

Install Merchant Local Server?

Interface To EFTPOS

Issue A Voucher?


Link Items to Item Menus?

Load Local Membership Data?

Log Off?

Log On?


Make A Declaration?

Make A Declaration On POS?

Make A Refund?

Make A Return?

Make A Sale For A Member?

Make An Adjustment To An Account?

Make User Passwords Mandatory?

Manually Run Scheduled Tasks?

Merge Two Tables?


Order Items From A Different Supplier?

Override A Head Office Sell Price?


Partially Pick A Transfer?

Pay For a Sale With Multiple Payments Methods?

Pay In Extra Income?

Pay With A Credit Note?

Pay With A Gift Certificate?

Pay With Loyalty Points?

Perform A Notify Upgrade?

Perform A Skim/Cash Lift?

Perform A Till Declaration?

Perform A Transfer On POS?

Perform A Z-Read?

Perform A Z-Read On The Back Office?

Perform An X-Read?

Perform An X-Read On The Back Office?

Populate A Location With Items?

Prepare A Supplier For Ordering?

Prepare For ALM Host Updates?

Prepare For Metcash Host Updates?

Prepare For Standard Host Updates?

Prepare POS Reloads?

Print A Batch Of Tickets?

Print A Bill?

Print A Z-Read To The Backoffice Printer?

Print Normal Tickets For Items Currently On Promotion?

Process a Sale?


Reboot A Till?

Recall A Saved Sale?

Receive Stock Without An Invoice?

Record A Payment On An Account?

Record A Rebate Paid As A Credit?

Record Additional Costs To An Invoice?

Record Gratuities?

Record Multiple Invoices?

Record Petty Cash Purchases?

Record Stock Received from A Transfer?

Reload A Till?

Reload Data?

Reprint A Receipt?

Reprint A Z-Read?

Request An External Stock Transfer?

Respond To A Stock Transfer Request?

Return Goods To A Supplier?


Schedule Automatic Running Of Tasks?

Search For A Member?

Search For An Item?

See Account Details For Customers?

See Account Details For Suppliers?

See Details For A Specific Location?

See Sales Statistics For An Item?

See Which Items I Can Order?

See Who Is Clocked In Or Out?

Sell A Gift Certificate?

Set A Default Customer Account Type?

Set A Till To Use Centrally Stored Sale IDs?

Set The Item Range To Load Immediately?

Set The Item Sales To Load Immediately?

Set The Order In Which Offers Are Processed?

Set Up A Consolidated Stock Item?

Set Up A Customer Account?

Set Up A Linked Item?

Set Up A POS Keyboard?

Set Up A Recipe Item?

Set Up A Supplier Account?

Set Up A Survey?

Set Up A Till's Recall Location?

Set Up Barclays Gift Cards?

Set Up B2B Service for ViewPoint WMS?

Set Up Competition Sells

Set Up Exchange Rates?

Set Up Extended Warranties?

Set Up Gift Accounts?

Set Up Givex Gift Cards?

Set Up IP Printing?

Set Up Item Menu Codes?

Set Up Item Modifiers?

Set Up Item Ratings?

Set Up Kitchen Messages?

Set Up Kitchen Printer Codes?

Set Up Kitchen Printing?

Set Up Loyalty Points For Payment?

Set Up Menu Item Countdown?

Set Up Other Currencies?

Set Up Redeeming Vouchers?

Set Up Reward Vouchers?

Set Up Service Fees?

Set Up Statistics Groups

Set Up Statistical Periods?

Set Up Supplier Cross-References?

Set Up Tax Cross-References?

Set Up Taxes In Australia?

Set Up Tenders?

Set Up The Kitchen Video System?

Set Up The Merchant Local Server?

Set Up The Quick Payment Button?

Set Up Tips?

Set Up Tracking Serial Numbers?

Set Up Trade-In Items?

Set Up Two Discount Offers?

Set Up Wastage?

Set Where A Location Will Get Stock?

Shutdown A Till?

Shutdown A Till On POS?

Split A Sale For Payment?

Stop A Discount Or Offer?

Stop An Item Being Sold At A Location?

Suggest Multiple Purchase Orders?

Switch Off Loyalty Cards?


Top Up An Account Balance?

Track User Log On/Off Activity?

Transfer Items Internally?


Update Prices In Bulk?

Upgrade Exes To The Stores?

Use A PDE For Stocktake?

Use Barcodes For Returns?

Use Rebates?

Use Seasons?

Use Security Devices?

Use Suggested Ordering?


View POS Transactions?

View The Till Status?

View The Till Status On The Back Office?

View The Time of Transaction?

View The Treemap?

View Timed Sales Performances?

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