How Do I Install A BE Licence?


Make sure the DRSLicense.dll file exists in your drsapps directory (this is a standard file and should be installed by default).


Start the TillIncoming service. You will notice that the service will not be able to start.


Check the Windows Event Viewer for an error message generated by the TillIncoming service. Part of this message will be : Invalid licence key for product 000FFE3D7EB7. No data will be processed. The 000FFE3D7EB7 will be different a number for each computer you want to run the TillIncoming service on. This is the licence code.


Send this licence code and the number of POS that will be running off this instance of the Merchant Central Server to your sales representative.


You will be provided you with a licence key.


Run the BE Licence function.


Press the New button to add a new licence key. Enter the code (000FFE3D7EB7 in the above example), the number of POS and the licence key. You can use the Description to provide details about which computer this is for to make it easier to track down the correct computer, especially if you have more than one licence.


Save the details and restart the TillIncoming service.

Note: If the server that TillIncoming is running on ever needs to be replaced, a new license key will need to be installed. Please carry out the above steps in this event.

If you need more POS licences you can simply request a new key using the same code as used originally. You then edit the existing POS BE Licence record and restart TillIncoming.

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