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How Do I Log On?

To log on to the system you need to have a user number or a swipe card. Each user should have their own code in order to audit their sales and track performance.

Figure: Example Logon Screen


If the POS system has just been started, the message 'Enter logon code and press OK or select your name from list' is displayed. Alternatively, press the Log On button to see this message.


Type in your log on code and press the OK button or swipe your magnetic swipe card through the reader. You can now start a sale.

If you are sharing the POS with other users then you need to make sure the system knows that you are doing the sale.


Before you start a sale, check the operator name at the top of the screen. If this is your name you can continue making the sale.


If this is not your name, press the Log On button. A list of users already logged into the system is listed on the buttons down the right side of the screen.


If you see your name, press the button to log on.


If you do not see your name, type in your log on code and press the OK button.

Each time a sale is completed you are automatically logged off. Log on again to start a new sale.

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