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How Do I Make A Return?

Returns are carried out when a customer no longer requires the Item(s) they have previously purchased and usually places the item back into stock. It is basically a sale made in reverse. Operators shown in the original transaction are shown in the return transaction. If any of the original operators are no longer assigned to the location for any reason (for example the person has left the company) then the return transaction is assigned to the ‘Default operator for returns’.


Press the Activity button.


Press the Return button.


Select the reason for the return from the list of buttons displayed on the right side of the screen, for example Faulty Product.


Locate, scan, search item or enter the PLU number and press the OKbutton.

If the customer has the receipt, the easiest method is to then search by the receipt number. Enter the search criteria and select ‘Refresh’. Once you have located the transaction, select the transaction in the list and select ‘Return Sale’. All Items from the original transaction will be added to the Return.


Add remaining items to the return in the same way.


Press the Payment button.


Select the tender type that you will pay the customer with from the buttons displayed on the right side of the screen.


Select the tender amount from the buttons displayed down the right side of the screen or type the amount (including decimal place) and press the OK button.


Print a receipt. The receipt shows that it has been a ‘Return’ transaction.

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