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How Do I Partially Pick A Transfer?

When using the Transfers task to transfer items immediately between two locations in the same physical area, for example a bottleshop and a bar, you may have a lot of items to transfer (especially if you performed a suggested transfer). You may need to pick the transfer over a number of days. However, you should tell the system which items you have already picked so that stock can be adjusted immediately.


Locations, Items, Suppliers.


When you have finished picking a set of items, find the transfer in the system.


For each line that was picked, find the item in the transfer. Change the status from 'Not Picked' to 'Picked'.


Press the Accept button.
button_send.gif (1461 bytes)
The system process’s the items that you just changed the status on. The status of these items is changed to 'Accepted' and the status of the transfer is changed to 'Partial'.


As each set of items is picked, repeats Steps 1 - 3. Eventually all items are picked and the status of the transfer is changed to 'Picked'. At this point you won't be able to modify the transfer any more.

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